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A Loan Expert at your Fingertips

Check out our new mobile app where you take control of your mortgage process anywhere, anytime.

Get Connected

Don’t waste valuable time storing everyone’s contact information. We’ve got you covered, you can have a conversation with everyone right from our app or retreive relevant contact information on the fly!

Track Your Loan

We think that you should get notified when your loan passes important milestones. We jump for joy when we get that clear to close notification, and we want to share that feeling with you!

View Your Documents

Managing documents can be a pain, and with a home loan there can be a lot of required documentation! With the Flat Branch mobile app, you'll receive a notification whenever we request a new document from you! You'll also be able to see what documents we already have on-hand!

Everyone In The Loop

With our mobile app, now everyone can stay in the loop. Not only will we update you, but also now your realtor will be updated on the exact status of your loan. We’ll send them your pre-qualification letter and send them your loan milestones in real time! No more phone tag.