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Flat Branch Home Loans2/1 Buydown Program

What is a 2/1 Buydown Loan?

A financing option that temporarily reduces the borrowers monthly mortgage payment at the beginning of your home loan.

Borrower Benefits

  • Lower monthly payments for the first 24 months
  • Increased cash flow makes it easier to purchase furniture and complete homeimprovement projects
  • Great option for buyers planning to refinance in a couple of years

Seller & Builder Benefits

  • Combats rising interest rates
  • Helps secure serious buyers and generate quick offers in a competitive market
  • Great alternative to offering price reductionorupgrades


  • Conventional
  • FHA
  • USDA
  • VA conforming loan products
  • Fixed rate loan options only
  • Purchase transactions only

Elgible States

  • Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas